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MESO Image Spaces
Michael Hoepfel
Chodowiecki Str. 20
10405 Berlin
++49 30 37 30 48 33
MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
Oschatz / Wolf / Wollin
Gutleutstraße 96
60329 Frankfurt am Main
++49 69 2 40 00 30

MESO is a design team for digital media and media systems. MESO was founded in 1997 by four designers and a computer scientist which shared a strong passion for projects transcending their own discipline. There are too many projects to catch them into one sentence, from complex web applications, multi sensory environments, on air design, interactive stage sets and many more.

The word MESO stems from the Greek word μέσος, which means middle or in-between. So μέσος is the border line between design and technology, the human and the machine. Working on both fronts at the same time gives in depth understanding of both sides.

History of MESO

1997 Foundation of MESO by Stefan Ammon, Michael Höpfel, Karl Kliem, Sebastian Oschatz and Max Wolf at Weserstraße 7 in Frankfurt.
1998 Foundation of aspekt1 – significant media works by Mathias Wollin and Martin Schuster
2001 MESO is moving to bigger spaces at Niddastraße 84 in Frankfurt.
2004 Karl Kliem leaving the MESO offices, founding his own company Dienststelle in Frankfurt am Main

2004 Foundation of MESO.net with the three branches MESO Web Scapes (Stefan Ammon with Mathias Wollin and Martin Schuster, previously aspekt1), MESO Digital Interiors (Sebastian Oschatz and Max Wolf) and MESO Image Spaces (Michael Höpfel).

2006 Michael Höpfel opening the MESO Images Spaces office in Berlin.
2008 MESO Digital Interiors GmbH is founded by Sebastian Oschatz and Max Wolf with the same team.
2012 MESO is moving to bigger spaces at Gutleutstraße 96 in Frankfurt.
2015 Martin Schuster and Mathias Wollin founded the new MESO Member MESO Digital Services GmbH
2016 Stefan Ammon founded the new company Neue Räumlichkeit. Thus the MESO WebScapes transformation into »MESO Digital Services GmbH« and »Neue Räumlichkeit« is completed.
2019 MESO Digital Interiors and MESO Digital Services refocus and move all their projects from this web site to the new url https://meso.design


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